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Adoption Home Studies for Domestic and International Adoptions

Adoption Education, Counseling, and Community Outreach

Birth Parent Counseling and Childbirth Education

Consultation and Referral Services for Adoption Related Issues

Post Placement and Post Adoption Supervision

  • For additional information call me, June Lewis, LCSW  at 305-667-0387 or e-mail  I am located in Miami-Dade and am willing to travel to Broward or Monroe Counties.  At least one visit to your home is required for adoptive home studies.  Other meetings can be arranged at my office, your place of employment or at another convenient location.  Parenting classes will be held at my office in South Miami or other location in Broward County.  Birthparent interviews/counseling will be conducted wherever neeeded-in the home, at the hospital, at my office or another location.    
  • I will be happy to provide you with contact information for colleagues and current or former clients.
  • Home study assessments require a minimum of two visits.  Requirements for adoptive parenting education vary depending on whether or not you are adopting from a Hague country.  Florida Statutes also require documentioan of counseling and educaiton for adoptive parents.  Birthparent interviews are always considered to be best practice.  It is highly recommended that birthfathers be included in the adoption plan.  Birthmothers are encouraged to take advantage of counseling which is always availabe to them.