You can be assured of compassionate and unbiased support for your decision whether you decide to parent or not to parent your child.  Only you can make that choice.  Talking with an experienced professional who will listen and address your concerns is the first step in making the best decision for you and your baby.  


As a health care provider, I believe the greatest gift you can give your child is a healthy start in life.  That means taking good care of yourself throughout the pregnancy by getting prenatal care, proper nutrition, striving for a healthy life style, getting the rest and relaxation you need and living in a safe and stress free environment.  I would be happy to work with you toward those goals throughout your pregnancy. and after.  


Some things you might want to discuss with your partner, a family member, a friend or other advisor, and your social worker. 

     Am I ready to be a parent?:

     How would it affect my future if I had a child now?

     Am I being pressured to choose adoption?

     Could I accept someone else parenting my child?

     How will I cope with feelings of loss if I make an

          adoption plan for my baby?

     Who can I count on to help me through the

          pregnancy and the adoption process?

     How do I feel about other women who choose to 

           place their children for adoption?

     How important is what other people think about my


     Do I have the emotional and financial resources to

          parent a child now?

     Can I choose a family for my child and how will I

          know that my child is being loved and cared for?


for adoptive families


Providing information and supportive counseling and education throughout your adoption journey and beyond.  The home study is an essential part of the

adoption process.  It is an  interactive exchange of information between you and your social worker  and an opportunity for you to talk about your concerns and get answers to questions you may have. It is very important that you are candid in your responses to queries from your social worker as misinformation or withholding information may result in the denial of a favorable home study.  Post placement visits from your social worker are required before the adoption can be finalized.  


     -that raising an adopted child is different     

      from raising a biological child.

     -that adopting a child is a journey and not a 

       marathon.  Expect bumps in the road and

       sometimes detours.  

     -that you cannot control the process or the 

      .outcome.  Keeping an open mind and an open

       heart will serve you well. 


     -that dreams really do come true. i.e. have a 

       positive attitude.    

     -that you have a right to parent a child and are fully

      capable of being a parent..

     -that you were destined to form or expand your

      family through adoption.

     -that the child who finds you is the child that was

       meant to be in your family.  


     --how will adopting this child affect your marriage

        and/or significant family relationships?

     -how will you meet the financial responsibilities for

       adopting and raising a child?

     -will your child be welcomed in the community

       where you live?

     -what arrangements for child care have you made

       if you and your spouce are both employed.

     -who is in your support network?  Pediatrician,

       family & friends, neighbors, organizations you 

       belong to,etc. 

for adoption professionals


Working in collaboration with agencies and attorneys throughout the United States to provide services in a timely and professional manner. 


Parents considering adoption should make decisions that are fully informed and free from coercion.  . .I will  gather background information on the prospective child and advice the expectant parents of their rights and responsibilities should they decide to make an adoption plan for their baby.  


I have completed over 1000 adoptive parent assessments for both domestic and international adoptions.  I am knowledgeable about Florida Statutes regarding adoption, ICPC regulations, and, ICWA.  I have worked with COA accredited agencies and am familiar with the Intercountry Adoption Act, the Hague Convention adoption process and the Universal Accreditation Act.  

Home studies will be completed in a timely and professional  manner and all contacts and interviews will be personally conducted by myself.  . 



Transition to adoptive parenthood can be a hghlly stressful process, regardless of the type of adoption undertaken.  All intercountry adoptions require a minimum of 10 hours of adoptive parent preparation.  Parents adopting domestically should receive similar preparation with an emphasize on understanding their individual vulnerabilities and insecurities and attitudes toward adoption as well as the benefits and risks associated with adoption. Classes in newborn baby care, parenting techniques, child development, infant CPR, talking with your child about adoption and other adoption related topics are available in both individual and group sessions.  


As a social worker and licensed mental health professional experienced in non-directive counseling, I will make sure that parents facing an unplanned pregnancy and who are considering adoption receive factual, unbiased information to help them explore all of their options, including adoption and parenting.  I will help them understand the immediate and long-term implications of the choices they make. 


Whether you are an adoption professional, prospective adoptive parent, adult adoptee, birth parent or just need information about adoption, please feel free to contact me.


Making a difference in the lives of families